Play golf in autumn

Doña Julia Golf Club

Play golf in autumn

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There is no doubt that for many people autumn is the best time of year to play golf.

On the Costa del Sol autumns are mild, with temperatures between 15º and 20º and low rainfall.  Thanks to this, it is possible to play golf in a pleasant way at any time of the day. Early risers can start early with no risk of frost or cold and also benefit from the  early bird offers.  Those who prefer to play later can enjoy the sun without being hot.

Costa del Sol is well known for bei alive all year round. The offer of leisure, gastronomy and culture is big and diverse in any season and the autumn allows to enjoy it in a more relaxed way. Even a swim in the beach is a good option in the days when the sun shines more brightly.

For all this (and more), the Costa del Sol is also known as the Costa del Golf.

In our previous publication we talked about playing golf in the summer in Doña Julia and enjoying the views of the sea. Now we will look at that part of the course that runs through more abundant native vegetation and that in this season becomes charming. We can see the orange colour of the trees, typical of the season, in contrast with the green of the fairways and greens.

Most of these holes are in the last part of the course, after reaching the 8th, the highest point of the course.  The holes in this part require precision in the shots.

The 5th hole is a par 5 of almost 500 metres, very technical, in which you have to think very carefully about your shots. We find a wide fairway exit on the first platform, but with out of bounds on the right and water on the left. The drive is for the more daring, who can reach the platform below and have a long shot to the green. The shot must be very precise because the fairway narrows at that point. The green, with a narrow entrance, is protected by bunkers on both sides and water on the left.

The 10th hole is a challenge, so it is the handicap 1 of the course.It is a par 4 of 400 metres with a narrow exit and an oak in the centre of the fairway that makes the second shot more difficult if you play short. Whoever wants to try the drive, must know that the faiway narrows when the ball falls.  You will find a lake on the right and a dense pine grove on the left.The reward is a short shot to the green, which is protected by lakes on the front and right and by bunkers on the rest.

The 11th hole is a narrow par 3 where you have to show skill in the short game.It has out of bounds on the left and water on the right.  The green is elevated, with two platforms and protected by a bunker on the left and a large slope at the front.

The 16th hole is a short par 4 with a high, narrow and complicated tee shot as it is downhill and has out of bounds on both sides. The player who chooses the drive must be precise as there is a bunker to the right of the green. The green has two well defined platforms and if the flag is up, getting the par could be a big challenge.

As we have seen, some of these holes challenge the player, but are complemented by other more friendly ones. Thanks to this, Doña Julia Golf is a good course to play regularly as these small challenges motivate you to keep practicing and not fall into the monotony of a course that is too simple.

To practice every day, the best option is to buy a membership or a voucher of green fees , so you can play regularly at a very affordable price and with great flexibility for the management of the tee times. Many players know that autumn is the best time to play golf so they choose it to start a seasonal retreat and play golf on a regular basis.


Doña Julia Golf Club

Doña Julia Golf
Doña Julia Golf, one of the best golf courses on the Costa del Sol, is situated in the Municipality of Casares, although part of its perimeter is adjacent to Manilva, a few metres from the sea and the mountains, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the range of mountains of Sierra Bermeja and Ronda.
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