Dona Julia Golf, continues promoting the quality improvements

Doña Julia Golf Club

Dona Julia Golf, continues promoting the quality improvements

Doña Julia Golf Club, mantenimiento

Dona Julia Golf Club, continues promoting the quality improvements in the golf course

This year the maintenance department has acquired a new machine that will allow us cutting the greens improving the cutting quality, being reflected in the quality of the game.

Agronimer, a company based in Marbella, has provided Doña Julia with a John Deere 2500 series triplet. The 2500 series offers the optional E-Cut Hybrid, which virtually eliminates the possibility of hydraulic leaks. In addition, it reduces fuel consumption and noise levels without compromising cut quality. Also, the 2500E E-Cut Hybrid alternator maintains a constant power level, allowing the same cutting quality from the first to the last green.

Thanks to Agronimer for offering us the quality and the innovation always with integrity and commitment to us and also to the work of the maintenance team that make possible every day that the clients leave us some testimonies like the ones we have received throughout the week:

“The greens are much better even the ball rolls a little faster” – Manuel Muñiz

“The course is in excellent condition with friendly and professional staff” – Anne Bennett

“Another day on a good golf course, I will come back again” – Bill Whipps

“The course is spectacular and beautiful, it’s the first time we play here and we’ll be back” – Mirka & Albert Slanar

From Doña Julia Golf Club, we are very pleased to hear the opinions of our clients, so we encourage you to leave yours at the following link Help us improve.

Doña Julia Golf Club

Doña Julia Golf
Doña Julia Golf, one of the best golf courses on the Costa del Sol, is situated in the Municipality of Casares, although part of its perimeter is adjacent to Manilva, a few metres from the sea and the mountains, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the range of mountains of Sierra Bermeja and Ronda.
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